Kevin Reilly Connemara Ponies

Specialising in sourcing and producing top quality Connemara ponies and sports horses for competition and leisure.

Kevin Reilly Connemara Ponies

All of our Connemara ponies and sports horses are carefully selected in Ireland where we look to buy the very best in terms of temperament, pedigree and quality.

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Kevin Reilly Connemara Ponies

I specialise in sourcing and producing top quality connemara bred ponies and horses. Graduates from the yard are to be found throughout the UK and Europe.

We recently (September 21) bought our Roscoe from Kevin, and honestly, it was the best decision I have ever made. I have never bought unseen, and was completely against the idea. However, once I started speaking with Kevin all my worries disappeared-Kevin is 100% honest with his customers and I could tell his reputation means more to him than a sale, he is genuine, knowledgeable and easy to deal and speak with. And when it comes to Connemara ponies, he is an expert.
During the enquiry, Kevin sent lots of videos and I wanted a video call. If I am honest, what sold me was his young lad that helps. Roscoe was nuzzling into him, and his young lad responded with love. Roscoe got a bit bored and poured the ground, his young lad said come on, and walk him forward. To me, for him to show kindness and excellent handling from such a young age, highlighted that Roscoe was in good hands, and the training yard was ran properly-it’s the little things! Kevin was great on the call too!
From there, I sent the money that day via bank transfer-slightly nervous! And the transport was arranged, all by Kevin. The next day, the transport company called me to confirm and give ETAs. They spoke very highly of Kevin too, their sister bought from him – this meant a lot. Transport company that Kevin recommended we’re absolutely amazing, really looked after our boy and within a few days of the video call he arrived home! He spent one week settling in, two weeks lunging, long reigning etc. And he his now backed! Roscoe is 3 and was completely untouched, and I can honestly say that he has been the easiest pony that I have ever backed-so much so, my 11 year old daughter was the one who did all the leaning over and getting on! We are incredibly grateful to have found Kevin, and I will definitely buy from him again and fully recommend. Thank you Kevin, we love our boy
Roscoe Rebecca Lomax - Derby

We bought Gatsby our 3y.o connemara from Kevin unseen, we have never done this before & were a little apprehensive. However we needn’t have worried as Gatsby was exactly as described, a lovely, genuine youngster. Kevin had started him off correctly & we just continued from there & haven’t had any problems with him at all. He is a lovely youngster & good in all ways & we can’t wait to see what the future holds. I would thoroughly recommend Kevin if you are looking to source a quality Connemara

Pippa Winn & Rob Mosley


I had been following Kevin’s page on  facebook  with interest for a few years before I finally plucked up the courage to purchase a young horse, unseen from him.  I had seen some beautiful horses come and go and noticed that people who had bought from him before often went back again and again which is always a good sign of a trustworthy and honest dealer.

When I finally asked Kevin what he may have at that time that would suit me, he sent me details and pictures of Teddy and I instantly knew he was the one for me. I immediately expressed my serious interest, as I knew Teddy wouldn’t hang around long, and I arranged to speak to Kevin on the phone to discuss further details.  After our conversation, where Kevin explained that he likes to work with his clients and was happy to keep and produce the horse for me if that was what I wanted, but that he felt Teddy’s temperament was such that I could do it myself, I decided to go for it!

The process of buying Teddy and him arriving from Ireland was so smooth and easy and I couldn’t believe that something I was worried would be so difficult was in fact, so easy and stress free.  The transport company, Bramhams of Buckingham, were amazing and I could track his progress from start to finish on his journey.  They kept in touch with photographs of him so that I could see that he was relaxed and happy and I knew exactly when he was going to arrive.

When he did arrive he was absolutely everything and more that Kevin had told me he was.  For a baby horse who had just had such a long journey I could not believe how relaxed and calm he was.  It was easy to see from the start that this horse has never experienced anything other than kindness from humans.  He has continued to amaze me with his relaxed attitude and he is so trusting and easy to teach.  I’m so thrilled with him and I can’t wait to see what we are able to achieve as he grows up.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone and I will certainly be buying from him again in the future when my daughter is old enough to take on her own Connemara.

Kate Powell, Liphook

May 2020

Kate Powell Liphook

I bought Champ just before Lockdown in February 2020. Our fields were still very wet so we asked Kevin to hang on to Champ for a couple of extra weeks to allow our fields to dry.

It was quite a risk buying unseen, but a friend had been over to visit Kevin’s yard the year before so i new he was genuine.

Champ arrived cool and calm from day one. He was exactly as described and is turning into a great riding horse. The whole process was very easy and straight forward. i would definitely recommend buying from Kevin. If anything the process was a little to easy and i need to make sure i don’t buy too many more.

Anne & Jane Smith Ipswich

My first experience dealing with Kevin was one of professionalism and honesty.  No question , or video request was too much (I asked for lots).  I bought Romeo (15.2hh Connemara x) from Kevin unseen…. I had videos, pictures and Kevin’s word to go by.  I had never done this before, and wondered at the time if I was making a huge mistake trusting someone that I had never met, and buying a horse I had not even seen.  Romeo arrived, and he was exactly as described – he was bought as a project to sell on…. I still have Romeo as he is the best horse I have ever owned.

I always keep an eye out on Kevin’s Facebook page and another one of his youngsters  caught my eye!  Another purchase was made with just videos and conversations with Kevin over the phone and email.  This time I bought a lovely 3 year old, Freddie (14.3hh Connemara) which I brought on and then sold (would have kept him too, but husband said no!!)  I would have no hesitation in recommedning Kevin to anyone looking for their next horse purchase.  The youngsters are all well handled and they are all as described…You could not meet a more genuine person to deal with.

Rebecca Stokes Bridgwater

In 2018, I decided to buy a Connemara. I knew exactly what I wanted but could not find one locally that ticked the boxes. I came across Kevin’s advert for Bobby and he looked and sounded perfect. After expressing an interest in Bobby and talking to Kevin on the phone, I decided to buy unseen. Of course my friends and family thought I was crazy, but I can honestly say, I’ve had more trouble buying my grocery shop online. Buying Bobby was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I could’ve viewed 50 ponies and not found one as right for me. I am now hooked on the breed and, as one connie wasn’t enough, Cody arrived a year later. Again purchased unseen.

Kevin is a lovely, genuine person and he is especially good at matching ponies to owners. He has a fantastic eye for quality ponies, and only owns them if he would be happy to keep them himself. My experience with buying unseen from Kevin was 100% positive. He took care of everything, from vetting to transport. They turned up without a hair out of place and were even better than described. Several of my friends have now bought from Kevin and all have had the same outstanding service. I continually recommend Kevin to my friends and I can guarantee, if you decide to buy from Kevin you won’t be disappointed.

Paula Smith Cornwall

We were lucky enough to find such an honest and professional place to purchase our new horse. I told Kevin what I wanted and he found it.

Kevin produces some of the best young Connemara ponies I’ve seen.

It was a very easy transaction and transport was arranged  from Ireland to the UK.

I can highly recommend buying off Kevin and I personally know 5 other people that have bought young horses and all are very happy with their purchases.

Mel Hobden East Sussex

I purchased my horse Kenco from Kevin in August 2017. He was a young green 4 year old with minimal life experience but great foundations had been put in place. Kevin was very open and honest in his description and took the time to answer all my questions.

Not one to normally buy unseen, I arranged to go over and try him before I bought him. Kenco was exactly as described, a little green but incredibly honest and willing. I fell in love immediately and haven’t looked back. Kevin arranged all the admin, vetting and transportation with the very professional Bramhams. Kenco arrived healthy and happy a week after my initial visit.

He has continued to be easy to train, versatile, talented and without doubt my horse for life.

Kevin listens and understands what you are looking for and finds you exactly the right horse to suit your needs and ability. I recommend Kevin without reservation to anyone looking for a safe, sensible, talented Connemara.

Kevin has continued to remain in contact and takes an active interest in the progress and achievements of Kenco.

I would certainly buy again from him.

Thank you Kevin for finding my horse of a lifetime. You have a great eye for quality and a true understanding of what makes a good combination.

Helen Robertson Cheltenham

I have absolutely no hesitations recommending Kevin Reilly. We bought our horse, Torin (Riffeylands Kool Diamond) from Kevin, unseen as a 4 year old. Torin was bred and backed by the Reilly Family and is everything Kevin said he would be. Torin was bought for my then 13 year old daughter to bring on and event. I felt nervous buying a horse unseen and one so young , I had not done either before.  Living in Scotland I wasn’t able to go to Ireland to view him. However, I knew several other people in Aberdeenshire that had bought unseen from Kevin, the horses were all absolutely as Kevin described them.

Kevin took the time to discuss Torin with my Yard Owner and then had a long conversation with me about Torin and took time to learn about my daughter’s needs before deciding if he thought Torin was suitable for us. We decided to buy Torin on a Friday and by the Tuesday he was delivered to us in Scotland. It was a hassle free sale.

Since then Torin has won many riding club competitions and has taken part in affiliated competitions with British Eventing, being placed several times and winning one of his classes last year. As I’m sure you can tell we are absolutely delighted with him and he is testament to his great start in life with Kevin and his family. I would not hesitate buying another horse from Kevin

Rachel McIntosh Aberdeen

I was a bit sceptical about buying a pony unseen but Kevin was great and even kept Chester for another week to make sure he was right for us great to deal with and an absolute legend of a pony we would definitely buy another one off him

Helen Hamilton York

After bad experiences buying horses tried and tested in Scotland, in 2015 (after a couple of years of following Kevin) I finally took the plunge and bought my first Connemara unseen from him.

I was nervous to say the least, but 5 year old Rohan arrived exactly as described, the loveliest boy and a true all rounder. I said at the time it was an easier process than buying my winter coat and I wasn’t joking!

Sadly a few years later personal circumstances meant I had to give up horses for a while and I sold Rohan , but it didn’t take long before I contacted Kevin again for my next connie, and along came Casper. Again, the easiest process, I knew I could trust Kevin 100%. Kevin and team backed Casper and he was soon on his way to Scotland.

The kindest, sweetest and most level headed 3 year old stepped off the lorry and he is an absolute joy in every way. I have such high hopes for our journey together.

Kevin is honest, trustworthy and has an eye for a Connemara like no other! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone looking for that special Connie to join their family.

Louise Hare Aberdeen

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