I had been following Kevin’s page on  facebook  with interest for a few years before I finally plucked up the courage to purchase a young horse, unseen from him.  I had seen some beautiful horses come and go and noticed that people who had bought from him before often went back again and again which is always a good sign of a trustworthy and honest dealer.

When I finally asked Kevin what he may have at that time that would suit me, he sent me details and pictures of Teddy and I instantly knew he was the one for me. I immediately expressed my serious interest, as I knew Teddy wouldn’t hang around long, and I arranged to speak to Kevin on the phone to discuss further details.  After our conversation, where Kevin explained that he likes to work with his clients and was happy to keep and produce the horse for me if that was what I wanted, but that he felt Teddy’s temperament was such that I could do it myself, I decided to go for it!

The process of buying Teddy and him arriving from Ireland was so smooth and easy and I couldn’t believe that something I was worried would be so difficult was in fact, so easy and stress free.  The transport company, Bramhams of Buckingham, were amazing and I could track his progress from start to finish on his journey.  They kept in touch with photographs of him so that I could see that he was relaxed and happy and I knew exactly when he was going to arrive.

When he did arrive he was absolutely everything and more that Kevin had told me he was.  For a baby horse who had just had such a long journey I could not believe how relaxed and calm he was.  It was easy to see from the start that this horse has never experienced anything other than kindness from humans.  He has continued to amaze me with his relaxed attitude and he is so trusting and easy to teach.  I’m so thrilled with him and I can’t wait to see what we are able to achieve as he grows up.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone and I will certainly be buying from him again in the future when my daughter is old enough to take on her own Connemara.

Kate Powell, Liphook

May 2020