We recently (September 21) bought our Roscoe from Kevin, and honestly, it was the best decision I have ever made. I have never bought unseen, and was completely against the idea. However, once I started speaking with Kevin all my worries disappeared-Kevin is 100% honest with his customers and I could tell his reputation means more to him than a sale, he is genuine, knowledgeable and easy to deal and speak with. And when it comes to Connemara ponies, he is an expert.
During the enquiry, Kevin sent lots of videos and I wanted a video call. If I am honest, what sold me was his young lad that helps. Roscoe was nuzzling into him, and his young lad responded with love. Roscoe got a bit bored and poured the ground, his young lad said come on, and walk him forward. To me, for him to show kindness and excellent handling from such a young age, highlighted that Roscoe was in good hands, and the training yard was ran properly-it’s the little things! Kevin was great on the call too!
From there, I sent the money that day via bank transfer-slightly nervous! And the transport was arranged, all by Kevin. The next day, the transport company called me to confirm and give ETAs. They spoke very highly of Kevin too, their sister bought from him – this meant a lot. Transport company that Kevin recommended we’re absolutely amazing, really looked after our boy and within a few days of the video call he arrived home! He spent one week settling in, two weeks lunging, long reigning etc. And he his now backed! Roscoe is 3 and was completely untouched, and I can honestly say that he has been the easiest pony that I have ever backed-so much so, my 11 year old daughter was the one who did all the leaning over and getting on! We are incredibly grateful to have found Kevin, and I will definitely buy from him again and fully recommend. Thank you Kevin, we love our boy